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Beck Boots - We are extremely hard on boots and they are an investment in this business. Cowboy boots need to be good looking, long lasting, and most importantly, comfortable. Beck Boots are what we choose and wear! Beck boots are the "official" boot of Shenandoah Bar M Performance Horses! Click Here For More Info.

Stormcloud Cowgirl Cool Clothing - Stormcloud is a Texas based company specializing in apparel for western equestrian events. All shirts are proudly made in the USA. To ensure exclusivity to customers, the production of each style is limited. Every shirt is impeccably tailored to insure beauty, perfect fit, and durability! Click Here For More Info. 

Jeys Saddlery - The right saddle is paramount to a horseman's ability to effectively communicate with his horse. Jeys Custom Saddles are "premium" quality, small-shop handmade saddles, and "fully" customizable!  The Bar M and Jeys Saddlery have teamed up to design and offer the Katie Dove Cowhorse Saddle!  This saddle is just what you need in the Ranch Riding/Cowhorse show pen.  Contact Katie or Todd Jeys to order your perfect saddle! Click Here For More Info. 

D&D Nutrition - Quality nutrition is an absolute must in a top tier training program, and Shenandoah Bar M Ranch is excited to be partnered with the VERY BEST in equine nutrition. We use D&D Nutrition feeds exclusively, and our horses look and feel amazing! There simply isn't a better feed company out there! Click Here For More Info.

Lone Star Hatters - Lone Star Hatters, in Big Spring TX. They have top quality, 100% beaver hats that are custom made to "your" unique head shape. They fit like a glove and last. In addition, they can custom order and custom fit straw hats. Jim and Jeanine are good friends of ours, as well, and will take great care of you! Click Here For More Info

EquiVibe Platform - Equivibe is a leader in Equine vibration therapy. "What you can experience with EquiVibe is faster recovery, increased muscle mass, improved performance, quality hoof care, improved joint health, and prevention of injuries and issues such as laminitis, founder, bucked shins, navicular pain, and much much more." Equivibe keeps the Bar M Performance Team in top shape at home and on the road! Click Here For More Info.

EZ Bale Dolly Cart - This is one of the best made and most innovative horse products we have ever seen.  It is a modular saddle rack/muck bucket/multi-purpose cart that can do many, many things!  It is made in the USA and is a must for traveling to shows.  Great product and great people! Click Here For More Info.